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What is the difference between the current Crocodoc API and the View API?


The View API is the newest version of the Crocodoc API, and is currently in public beta. There are a number of differences between the current Crocodoc API and the View API, but primarily:

  1. The View API has been redesigned to be more restful and easier to use.
  2. In the View API, you can directly download the generated HTML and other assets of a document. 
  3. Docviewer.js has been redesigned to support multiple instances on a page, a destroy method, and multiple layout modes, among other new features. 
  4. While the View API is in beta, it does not support a number of features currently available in the production version of Crocodoc, including annotations, custom S3 integrations and .xls/.xlsx file conversions. These features will be added over the course of the beta.
  5. The endpoints for the View API may change during the course of the beta, so we do not recommend that you use the View API in production environments while it is in beta.

For more information, check out the FAQ and the View API documentation.

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