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What should I do if Crocodoc can't render my document?


Occasionally, Crocodoc cannot render document. This can happen for a number of reasons ranging from the fonts included to the size of the document or the pictures included. When you encounter a problem, follow these steps:

  1. If the document is a .ppt/.pptx or .doc/.docx, try saving the document as a PDF and then uploading to Crocodoc. This will often help to fix rendering issues.
  2. Try uploading the document at if you have a developer account, or if you don't. If it works in one of these test consoles, the problem is with the application where you uploaded the document, and not with the Crocodoc rendering engine.
  3. If possible, send a copy of the document to along with a screenshot of the rendering issue and any browser or device information so that we can recreate the problem. By sending us a copy of the document, you help us to identify and solve the problem for future documents.

Please note that document rendering issues can take a while to resolve, so we cannot offer ETAs for the resolution of rendering bugs. 

Thanks for helping us to improve the Crocodoc conversion engine!

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