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Can I generate thumbnail previews of documents?


Yes, thumbnail previews of a document's first page can be generated in PNG format. Thumbnails maintain the proper aspect ratio of pages and are bounded by the dimensions specified in the size parameter. Maximum dimensions of the thumbnail can be set in the format {width}x{height}. Largest dimensions allowed are 300x300. The default is 100x100.

Thumbnails are generated dynamically and are therefore not suitable for hot-linking since they would load much more slowly than static thumbnails. Also note that hotlinking would insecurely expose your API token to your users. Thumbnails should be requested once from your servers and persisted/served with your other static files.


Sample request:

curl "${API_TOKEN}&uuid=6faad04f-5409-4173-87aa-97c1fd1f35ad&size=80x90"

 More information on how to generate thumbnails can be found in our API documentation

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